A traditonal, disciplined and core style of dance which develops correct posture, correct technique and control.  It is recommended that all students undertake Ballet, if they wish to develop technical excellence.



A class combining technique, emotion and interpretation.  This class consists of a warm up, progressions and a routine. Students will focus on the use of contraction and release, floorwork and creating new movement.  



A high energy and upbeat class to top 40 music and Broadway hits.  Students undertake a warm up (cardio, stretching, strengthening), CSTD progressions (kicks, turns & leaps) and a routine.  


A class combining the key combinations of dance. Students will learn how to use breath when stretching, will learn how to engage their core through pilates style classes & ballet floor barre components 


Tap is a unique style of dance involving specific and rapid footwork. Students will learn the CSTD Tap exam syllabus.




Hip Hop is a distinct style of dance which is rapidly increasing in popularity. A modern, fast paced enjoyable class with moves that will not only challenge the mind and body but showcase all aspects of the hip hop style




We offer adult Zumba, Tap & Jazz classes for all women and men aged 20 years and over. This is a fun, exciting way to meet new people and reconnect with or discover your dance ability.  


Acrobatics will bring your dance technique to life! The skills we teach in this class include handstands, cartwheels, chin stands, aerials and walkovers and so much more. This class will ensure your child gains strength, flexibility and confidence.

Students will focus on the development of upper body and core strength, flexibility and balance with dedication to safe and monitored learning through the graded progressions of the Acrobatic Arts syllabus.



(3 & 4 Yr Olds)

This class is to teach the little ones how to understand rhythm and music in a fun atmosphere. As our little students become more familiar with combining dance and music we introduce them to the basic techniques of jazz and ballet.


(1 & 2 Yr Olds with a Parent/Guardian)

This class helps to teach children a sense of musicality, body awareness, interaction with peers and a sense of focus and following directions. Parent and child are able to discover the world of Dance together and prepare them for the exciting road ahead.



This class is suitable for dancers and non-dancers.  Consisting of Singing & Acting, it's a great opportunity to build confidence, and prepare for auditions for school productions, TV commercials and Theatre productions.